Day 1 - Saturday, 5th April 2003


We Arrive

We flew Virgin Atlantic from Gatwick arriving at about 2pm local time.  After a delay in getting our bags, we were ferried to our Hotel.  Our arrival at the Almond Beach Club, in the Parish of St James, Barbados.  Flowers from Eric and Penny for our arrival, our room, a drink on the beach with Tania and Chris, the view from the balcony.  Later we had room service and ate in our room, watched the Fifth Element and dropped off to sleep.



Check out how white I was!

Our Room, 362, was on the third floor overlooking the pools.


Flowers from Eric and Penny, very sweet and just typical of them, and the first of very many Rums!  The flowers were on the Air Conditioning unit.  This was the only bad thing about the resort as it was very loud and rattling. 
The view from our Balcony  

Drinks on the Beach


Sitting here could lead to a shock.  There were a lot of land crabs who would tickle your feet as they walked by, this could be quite unnerving if you weren't ready for them.


*RUMS - According to Jenny the average conversation went along the lines of , "Rum Rum Rum Rum", "Yes that's right, Rum Rum Rum Rum", "Really, Rum Rum Rum Rum", "That's three and Mount Gays and Coke and whatever the lady having", "Rum Rum Rum Rum". 

Our beloved Mount Gay 'Eclipse' Rum.



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