Day 2 - Sunday, 6th April 2003


1st Day of Lazing

Jenny and I woke up at 4.30 am and played scrabble with our new travel scrabble we bought on the plane, Jenny won, and we got 3 seven letter words between us.

Lazed around the Club, the pool.

Whilst we had lunch there were a bunch of school children playing the steel drums, they were good, but incredibly loud.  This drove us on to the beach.  We hate steel drums!



The first bit of sunshine on the pool.


Check out the white honkies lazing around at lunch.

I obviously have to make a real effort to smile to start with!

Left: Chris flicks a classically performed Rigby surreptitious "V" and readily accepted into the family.

Left Below: Tania savouring another Rum

Rigby Below: Chris cooly drinking in the evening.

White Jenny - Tired but content.  Please note the height of hair throughout the week as it grows faster than a giant Bamboo on a daily basis

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