Day 3 - Monday, 7th April 2003


Mums Arrival

In the morning we met with the ABC wedding coordinator (Anne) to go through our options, 11.00 am, Jenny and I had to get our marriage license from the GPO in Bridgetown.  We were driven, along  with another couple, down there by an elderly lady who took us up to the correct office and it was all very easy.  At noon we wait for Mum to arrive by Taxi at noon (mad dogs and Englishmen).  Mum turned up by bus from the opposite direction at 1pm.  We laze around on the beach, eat and drink, Mum returns to St Lawrence Gap by bus and Taxi.  We also met Reverend Knight at 4.30 pm to go through the ceremony and wording of the vows.  He was a lovely man and emphasised the importance of what we were doing.


GPO - This is a strange picture I found on the net, but it is the building we went into.

Waiting For Mum - Our first Proper 'Liming'

Jenny Conceals the Barbados Grande Petons - *


Mum Arrives and soon gets into the swing of things

The Two beauties relax on the beach


Drinks and Dinner and Drinks

We opted to eat on the beach we was seemingly very nice until we remembered that it was buffet night and we had to traipse across the sand to get our food (jeez what an effort!).

Mum feels the effect of being up since 6 am with a quick nap. Chris' policing left hand prevents his kleptomaniac right hand from stealing yet another napkin
Chris' policing left hand turns nurse

* The guy in green in the background was one of the security guards, he kept Chris and myself abreast of all the football scores in the Premiership. 

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