Day 4 - Tuesday, 8th April 2003


Lazing Around

We woke up to rain in the morning, played scrabs, the weather cleared up and then we lazed around the club.  3pm, Chris and I watched the live game between Real Madrid and Man United accompanied by the security guard and many Rums.  During this week the West Indies were being slaughtered by Australia at cricket.  I spent a lot of time asking locals the current score with a cheeky grin, this was to get them back for the last time I was in Barbados when England were slaughtered by the Windies 5-0.






Notice the mug in the background these were not of a standard that Jenny was happy with.  She noted that they were particularly thick and heavy, which for a delicate flower like Jenny is just not on.  Also think of her size to a normal sized person, it would be like drinking out of a 1 inch lead bucket.  To infuriate Jenny even more, Tania and Chris had much more delicate china!

The view from Tania and Chris' balcony, Room 265.  A Year minus 100.

Lazing Around


Tommy's Rum Shop


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