Day 5 - Wednesday, 9th April 2003


Day Trip out

We hired a 'big' car and drove around the island. We picked up mum and drove along the south coast going East.  We went to look at the 'pink' beach, We wound up on the Atlantic coast and had or picnic lunch.  After that we came across the Andromeda Botanical Gardens, which we went around in the light drizzle and had a lovely cup of 'Liptons' Tea afterwards.  We then ended up at Bathsheba where they have oddly sea-carved stones.  Then we went back to St Lawrence Gap and had some cocktails just along from mums apartment. 



Crane Beach

This beach is supposed to have pink sand.  I can't say I believe it especially looking at these photos. Mind you the weather was pretty dull and with a good photographer, a good camera, filters, lens and a bit of touching up I'm sure it would be pink.
The pink beach soon was overlooked when the chance to beachcomb is there.


We were recommended the following beach by one of the reps in the Club, as it turned out the beach was sponsored by Almond Beach.



Andromeda Botanical Gardens St Joseph, Nr Bathsheba

  This was a really good cup of tea



PEANUTS  - Here Chronologically we passed a man selling the fabled hot peanuts of Barbados that Jenny is always on about.  They are not hot, we suspect they are from Spain, but they are sold in Barbados and nice to boot.  We boot six packs which Jenny hoarded away so no-one else could have any. 

St Lawrence Gap


Cocktails After a long hard days drive at the Jetty Bar


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