Day 6 - Thursday, 10th April 2003


Day Trip Out

We had the hire car for a second day and decided to pick up our trail from where we had got to.  We found a nice beach, Barclays Park, with a hammock for Chris to recline in whilst we looked at the Sea and combed the shores.  It was good and hot today.  Then we headed north to to the top of the island, we got very lost at one point, passing the Mount Gay Distillery three times and complete encircling it to boot (is this the rum doing subliminal things).  We wound up at a great beach, River Bay, which was just locals and us, with picnic tables.  We had lunch and then bathed in the shallow inlet which is protected by an outcrop. Then onto the sister resort, Almond Beach Village, which is in the North West of the island and was huge, nice and full of kids.  We had a drink and left for our resort down the remainder of the West Cost.  Tania and Chris drove Mum back to here place getting very severely lost and winding up on the East coast in pitch black no lights to be seen anywhere.

Barclays Park, East Coast Beach




Picnic and swim at River Bay


Having driven all day I then proceeded to get very pissed on over proof rum, rum brandy, old gold rum plus various other rums

Later I pulled off one of the bed posts, "like a monkey".

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