Day 7 - Friday, 11th April 2003


The Wedding Day.

After breakfast I decamped to Tania and Chris' room with my stuff, whilst Jenny got her nails done in the salon 9 am.  Mum arrived in the morning by bus again.  Tania did Mums nails on the beach.  Jenny had a hair appointment at 1pm.  We had lunch and then got changed, we had another bottle of champagne.  The wedding was at 3pm. Another two bottles of champagne after.  Went to the bar and lounged around.  Then in the Evening we took the shuttle bus up to the other resort (this journey took ages because Jenny sat up front with the driver and spent the whole journey chatting and laughing, we took a completely unexpected route).  We ate in the Seafood restaurant, and managed to get them to out the table out side, although there was rain threatening, which never arrived.  More champagne and lots of seafood later we took the bus back to the club.


Getting Ready




The Wedding



The Evening



Waiting for the bus back to the Club

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