Day 10 - Monday, 14th April 2003


We hung around the club all day sun bathing, drinking, riding the rings, sitting in the Pool and Jacuzzi.  In the evening we ate and then plated pool.

On the Beach

Pictured here is me in my normal repose and the two views that I saw the most!  Above: 'Does my bum look big in this?'

Rubber Rings - Part II

This was Tania and I's second trip out on the rubber rings, this trip out was much more fun for us because the skipper of the boat was showing off to Jenny.  Its was longer and much more cornering.  Even though there was a cover on the bottom of the ring you still get and enema and wish for the pre historic male skill of being able to retract your testicles into your body!

The Jacuzzi

Chris and Tania relax and love it up
They both seem happy here... .... but the hell has Tania gone?
Our room from the pool Underneath the waterfall

Pool in Tommy's Rum Shop

Jenny tries to camouflage herself as a blackboard in Tommy's Rum shop

A Dazzling picture of the maestro at work

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