Day 12 - Wednesday, 16th April 2003


Tania, Chris and I went on the Mount Gay Distillery Rum Tour, in the morning.  They were late picking us up so we hung around in the foyer.

During the afternoon we went on the rubber rings

In the evening we went to the nightclub down the road and ended up at Harbour Lights.


Mount Gay Rum Distillery Tour

The following sequence of pictures tells a great story, throughout the tour your can see the happy smiling expectant expressions.  Check out the last picture in the sequence as its sums up the climax of the tour, the tasting.


We got a pitifully small amount of only two rums, what a disappointment.  We certainly got a lot more choices, amounts and tries of many other rums in Tommy's Rum Shop.


Rubber Rings - Part III

Today Chris and I go out on the rings.  I fell out. 


As you can see from the pictures it's all action packed.


Empty Club


Harbour Lights


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