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Virtual Assistants For You - Free Email Address

VA4U Email Contact

We offer the ability for all Virtual Assistants who register as a Member of VA4U to receive email contact from potential clients.  We have created a contact form for each Member where potential clients may initiate contact.   The results of the contact form are automatically forwarded to the email address of your choice.  VA4U is here to aid in the development of Virtual Assistant services through the Virtual medium.

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Change Mail Redirection

A service that we offer is to have the redirection changed upon request confirming your password.  This will allow virtual assistants and clients to redirect their mail to someone who is going to administer it for them.  Please note that this service now automatic once the changes have been modified in the membership control panel.

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Mail Problems

We endeavour to prevent any spam mail wherever possible.  If you are experiencing any problems then please let us know.  If necessary we may set up mail accounts and filter messages that are received on the old address.  We do not accept any responsibility for mail that is sent to your email account as we do not release or sell mailing lists of our members details.

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Spam Defence

As a defence mechanism against SPAM all mails that are sent to our Members include a keyword that is chosen by the Member themselves.  This keyword is not published anywhere except in the mails sent to the member.  If a mail is received from a va4u administration mail address without the members keyword included clearly in the mail then it did not originate from and should be considered SPAM.  The only exception to this is when a mail is a reply to a direct mail sent to

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Members Registered before 2008

Members who registered before 2008 were allocated a va4u mail address which was configured to redirect any mail to a nominated email address.  This feature is no longer available to New Members due to large volumes of SPAM being received.

We are in the process of contacting members to confirm if they wish to continue with this service.  It has been replaced with a contact form which prevents unwanted SPAM and ensures that changes to the members email address are automatic.

If you were registered before 2008 you may continue with the exisitng mail address and will maintain it as before.

Members may confidently add their email addresses to their business cards along with their web page as once they have been confirmed they will be permanently allocated to that member.

Your free Email address *

All email addresses are chosen by you when you register with as a member.  They will be given as <yourchoice>  For example, or   

The allocation of Emil address is always subject to availability.  Once a mail address is allocated it will not be changed unless we are instructed to do so by the member.  If your choice is already inform you we will allocate you another suitable address, this can be changed to another of your choice at any time.

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Automatic Mail Forwarding *

This free email address is then automatically forwarded to an email address of your choosing.  Your chosen forwarding address is also chosen by you when you register with

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* Only applies to members registered before 2008.


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