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Virtual Assistants For You - Registration Index

Register with VA4U as a Virtual Assistant Member

To register with us as a Member, click the link below and complete the form and once your membership is confirmed you will have your name included on our registers, your web page and Email account FREE OF CHARGE.

Regional Registrations

United States Virtual Assistant's REGISTER HERE

United Kingdom Virtual Assistant's REGISTER HERE

Canadian Virtual Assistant's REGISTER HERE

Indian Virtual Assistant's REGISTER HERE

Australian Virtual Assistant's REGISTER HERE

International Virtual Assistant's REGISTER HERE

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As a Member of you will be able to take advantage of the free services that VA4U offers to all members. 

As a member of you will be entitled to

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Members Registers

All Clients, Suppliers and Virtual Assistant will be included in the members registers.  Everyone on the register will have the ability to put some short text description about themselves and/or their company.  These then will link to your individual web page and directories where you will be able to advertise yourself.

The Members Registers comprise a set of Regional Registers that allow potential clients to find a Virtual Assistant through a Map Navigation and other links.  The Regional registers are typically based upon the country of the Virtual Assistant, except for the US, India and Australia which is State based, Canada which is province based and the UK which is split into geographical region.

All Members are also included in the Complete Register which lists all members in the chronological order they joined VA4U.

Each members Home Page is included in the Slideshow facility which cycles through each members web page on a timed basis.

Members are also placed in the Skills and Services Registers which are ordered by the services and skills that they offer.