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Free games for Windows PC.  These are Windows PC games that I have written just for the fun of it, some are more sophisticated to play than others and require different lelvels of skill to play.  I have decided to give them away for free. 

There are currently 3 free games which run on a Windows PC:-


Slippery Games

A group of card based games which Includes

  • Slippery Jane which is a whist based card game sometimes known as Slippery B*t*h or Black Maria.  This card game is like hearts except a lot more involved and fun
  • Slippery Hearts - Classic Hearts card game
  • Slippery Newmarket - The simple betting card game, ideal for all ages

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Mind Sweeper

I wanted to create a very simple to play, addictive game.  Unfortunately I did!  I've spent hours playing this.  This game is played by just using the left and right click mouse buttons to change the colours of the surrounding squares until you reach the required number of a specific colour.

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A variation on the classic ludo board game for one player.

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Free Games For Windows

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