Virtual Assistants in Australia - Australian State Map
Virtual Assistants from Australia Virtual Assistant For You VA4U provides comprehensive registers of our Virtual Assistant (VA) Members from Australia
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VA4U - Australian Virtual Assistants

VA4U - Australian Virtual Assistants

Click on a State on the map below to lists each Virtual Assistant registered for that State.  Alternatively select a State from the list box   

  Northern Territory Queensland Tasmania Victoria Southern Australia Western Australia New South Wales

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Total Virtual Assistants in each State

1. New South Wales Register New South Wales (74)
2. Queensland Register Queensland (62)
3. Victoria Register Victoria (46)
4. Western Australia Register Western Australia (34)
5. South Australia Register South Australia (21)
6. Tasmania Register Tasmania (4)
7. Northern Territory Register Northern Territory (2)


   New South Wales     Northern Territory     Queensland     South Australia     Tasmania     Victoria     Western Australia        

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