Rutland Water In the Summer


Views of Rutland Water all the year round.

Water Pumping Station for the reservoir

I live in a beautiful spot, Normanton, overlooking Rutland Water in Rutland, England. This web site started out as a little project I undertook when I got my first digital camera for Christmas 2001.   On the Christmas day I took a picture out of our bedroom window of Rutland Water and happened to get quite a good picture.  A few days later I took another picture and decided to take pictures from the same place whenever I remembered.  The culmination of this was a series of over 1200 pictures which lasted exactly one year capturing the changing scenes and seasons of a country side view. 

Click here to see the Best of the Pictures of Rutland Water in a random order.

Click here to see the The Whole Year in a 30 picture sequence.  Watch the trees blossom and loose their leaves, notice how the boughs are weighed down and spring back up in autumn.  See the Pea crop planted, sprout and grow and finally harvested.

Rutland water is a reservoir built in the 1970's by building a dam just next to the village of Empingham.  The reservoir is the largest man made lake in Western Europe and hosts boating, fly fishing, nature reserves, cycle paths and other tourist attractions.  We live overlooking the dam end of the water which is featured in the pictures

Sequences of Rutland Water

Virgin Balloon Dips down on the Water

Some of the pictures that I took create sequences of activities in my view, below are the most effective sequences.  The pictures refresh themselves every 5 seconds, but you may alter the delay to your choice.  Sometimes the refresh may appear a little slow and take a long time between changes, this is because you are using a slow connection and the next picture will appear when it has loaded. 

Flock of Sheep being driven across the field Hot Balloon dipping down onto the water and lifting off again Sunset Sequence
Ploughing the field Harvesting the field Drilling the field
A boat travelling across the water Sunbeam Sequence A fluffy cloud disappears in the centre of the view
 A single Day in April Double Sunset Sequence Sunset Sequence in May 
  Two Years On

Put this one on 1 second delay and see the water level drop, also look at how the trees have grown!



The complete set of pictures ordered by month

All of the pictures that I took in chronological order by month.  There are lots of them so be patient.

Miscellaneous Pictures

I have also grouped together all of the sunsets and action shots, which are all of the pictures that something is in the picture which is not normally there (birds, cards, people etc.).  This group always make me laugh because its really hard to see what is different in them, although have looked at this view a few thousand times I'm becoming a bit of an expert.


If you would like to find out more about Rutland Water or the county of Rutland we recommend